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Enterprise Core Value:Integrity  Responsibility  Be Thankful  Innovation


Integrity means that a level of person's honesty and credit, what is conduct oneself standard of behavior and morality, is the ethical conduct and business rules for company management, is the fundamental of dealing with people, sincere face ourselves and others and customers, to be credit, live up to your words, walk the talk ,Keep the promise .


Responsibility means to responsible for their own life, family and career, dare to play, responsible till the end, complete everything by heart .

Be Thankful

Be thankful means thanks to life, thanks to the parents, brothers and sisters, thanks to colleagues, thanks to the company, customers and society, thanks to every tree and bush, thanks all the people and things who helps and changes us , every second is grateful, let us being grateful.


Innovation means a new thinking and new method, is the combination of consciousness and practice a power, to achieve the goal, we need to continue to innovate, improve working methods, work attitude and work thinking.

Enterprise Purpose:Trusted Partners of Customers, Growth Family of Staffs, Excellent member of The Industry !

Enterprise Vision:To Be Top-ranking Enterprise of Solenoid Valve Manufacturing In The World !

Enterprise Mission:Pursuit Excellent Quality, To Create More Value For Customers !

Enterprise Spirit:Unite and strive, Praxis and Innovation.

Enterprise Operation Philosophy:Establish First-class Brand , Build Technical Leader Status , Improving Service , Continue Cost Down , To Be Century-old Enterprise .

Enterprise Talent Concept: Respect the Talents , Foster the Talents, Equal Stress on Integrity and Ability ,  Fully Display the Talents.

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